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Letter from … | Summer 2020

Letter from the Publisher:

Hello 08108 readers,

Several months ago when we – myself, Editor Kristen Dowd and Sales Manager Brittany Rought – sat together in my office and began to plan our anniversary issue, little did we know this would be one of our last meetings in the office. As all of our lives changed, we came to the quick realization that story ideas, photo shoots and our advertisers would change. It is with great pride that I say we were able to adjust and bring to you our 1st Anniversary edition.

I am grateful to our editor, contributors, production department and advertis- ing staff in working through our “new normal” and bringing you content that is catered to life in 08108. During this year, 08108 has consistently developed and grown, even through a pandemic. We are excited to continue to be part of the 08108 community and look forward to another great year!

Thank you all for your continued support, and enjoy!

Arlene Reyes

Letter from the Editor:

Welcome to the 08108 one-year anniversary issue!

Our first year has given us the opportunity to explore Collingswood traditions, sit down with fascinating locals, and delve into local history. We’ve shopped at a bevy of businesses and dined at remarkable restaurants. And we’ve enjoyed coffee – so much amazing coffee.

But more than anything else, this past year has taught us that there is always something new to discover in Collingswood.

For instance, over the past two months, we discovered something rather awe- inspiring: This borough is built on strength and resilience. When faced with a global health crisis arriving on its doorstep, the residents, businesses, and leadership of Collingswood chose to rise up, to figure out what needed to be done, and then find a safe way to do it.

The Collingswood Farmers’ Market is still supporting agriculture and putting produce into the hands of locals – or at least into their car trunks. Read about how this long standing borough tradi- tion is continuing in a farm-to-car fash- ion on page 10.

Restaurants are serving up support alongside salads and sandwiches in this issue’s Borough Bites. On page 8, see how local eateries are finding ways to give back to those in need even when facing their own challenges.

And while it may still be a little while before shoppers can stroll the streets with tissued gift bags and iced coffees in hand, borough businesses are making it easy to shop local in the virtual realm, ramping up website and social media experiences to engage with customers (page 14).

Meeting the people of Collingswood has been one of our favorite parts of 08108, and this issue is no exception. Readers have a chance to sit down with Haddon Township natives and authors of the new “Empowdered Sugar: A Collection of Sweets, Treats, & Female Feats” Karen Cuneo and Grace Cuneo Lineman (page 12), and the Tracy family shares what it’s like to live in a piece of Collingswood history as residents of the Stokes-Lee House in A Look at Local History (page 16).

We hope to see you around town soon. Until then, stay safe, stay strong, and enjoy our anniversary issue.

Kristen Dowd

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