That fall feeling


It’s easy to bring a touch of autumn to indoor and outdoor decor

In just a few weeks, we will set the clocks back. For many of us, “falling back” into autumn signals the time to welcome the season both into and out of our homes. 

“Most people live seasonally,” Staci Greenberg said.

Greenberg, of Interior & Design, LLC in Collingswood, says changes in seasons is one of the many things that influence design decisions. 

As most of us are spending more time than ever in our homes, many folks are looking into ways to make their space more functional and comfortable. 

“The money that would have been spent on traveling is being used to redesign spaces, especially home offices, closets and the most used living space,” Greenberg explained. 

While Greenberg follows the guiding principle that form follows function and function must come first, she happily offers customized options to clients. 

“It is my job to think of ways to make it work, then make it look good,” said Greenberg. 

Although most of Greenberg’s projects (both residential and commercial) are meant to function all year, she offers tips for welcoming fall into homes. 

“I suggest easy, fun and affordable ways to bring seasonal décor into the home,” said Greenberg, who asks clients what fall means to them. Is it deep colors? Is it leaves? Is it a particular fall holiday? Can it be easily swapped out like a throw on a sofa, different pillows, plants that represent fall, a bowl of leaves or a pumpkin centerpiece? Maybe slip covers or interchangeable valances? Whatever it is that says fall to her clients, Greenberg reminds them to make it easy enough to transfer everything back out with minimal effort come winter.

Once the interior is complete, it can be fun to decorate your outside space as well. Michele Bracken at McNaughton’s Garden and Landscaping in Cherry Hill offers ways to spruce up the outdoors, including chimeneas for the backyard; pumpkins, straw and corn stalks for the porch; and seasonal plants such as celosia, ornamental peppers, millet, mums, pansies and kale. 

“We also offer crops like broccoli, cauliflower, kale and lettuce,” said Bracken, referring to great fall gardens. 

Outdoor Halloween decorations are also a popular choice. 

“We are happy to guide people through what to plant on their own,” said Bracken. “Or the landscaping department can help with ideas and design and we love helping customers with their window boxes and pots – just drop them off for a couple days and we will do the planting for you.”

Both Greenberg and Bracken agree bringing fall inside and outside the home is all about comfort, function and what makes the client happy. Seasonal décor is personal, unique and should be fun and easy enough to switch over quickly when it’s time to spring ahead!