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Letter from the Publisher | Fall 2021

Letter from the Publisher:

Happy Spring 08108!

As the cold weather and snowfall move further behind us, Collingswood is ready to step into spring. The blooming of flowers and the increasingly warm weather are not the only changes the borough will see this spring.

With COVID protocols easing and mask mandates being lifted, there are still many people who are struggling with the aftermath of it all. Luckily for the people of the 08108 and surround- ing areas, the Genesis Counseling Center is ready to offer their mental health services and get everyone back on track (See Page 6).

For those who prefer to take time for themselves to clear their minds, Saddler’s Woods offers 25 acres of for- est, young woodlands, meadow and wetlands to explore (See page 16). One of the nice spring days coming up soon will provide the perfect oppor- tunity to go for a walk and discover something new.

Brittany Rought

Brittney Rought, Publisher

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