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Tulips or Daisies?



PHOTO 1: Jeremy Lackey: “I like Tulips because they grow tall, they have great colors. They attract a lot of bees inside them, and sometimes you can find little mice sleeping inside of them. They are kind of like the beginning of spring and summer is right around the corner when they grow.”

PHOTO 2: Paige Pentland: “Daisies for sure. I’ve never liked Tulips very much; I don’t like the shape. I think Daisies are very pretty, they grow towards the Sun. I even have a little Daisy tattoo.”

PHOTO 3: Sean McGettigan: “I like Daisies because my mom always grows them.”

PHOTO4: VicSteinman:“IlikeTulips, because I associate them strongly with spring, it’s always a good sign seeing them because I know spring is around the corner.”

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